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Laura McMahon LynchOver twenty five years ago my father, James Gallagher McMahon, stood before Judge George Deneweth in the Macomb County Circuit Court and moved the Court to have me admitted to the practice of law in the State of Michigan. We practiced together for sixteen years as McMahon and McMahon, handling everything from condominium law, to probate, to employment discrimination. Then and today, I consider it an honor to be an attorney in the State of Michigan and I strive to obtain effective and just resolutions of my clients’ disputes. I have a reputation for vigorously defending the rights of my clients. I consider it a profound privilege to take clients’ causes to the Court and I am committed to obtain the best result available within the bounds of the law. Despite several decades in the business, I am still humbled by the trust that clients place in me to handle their most important concerns; because of that reliance, each of my clients can be assured that I will give 110% percent to their case, regardless of the financial return.

A pledge is given by each attorney to uphold the Lawyer’s Oath when she/he is admitted to the practice of law in the State of Michigan. It has a line that particularly resonated with my father, Jim, and still resonates with me: “I will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed, or delay any cause for lucre or malice.” Whatever legal concern you may have, be assured that I will make every effort within the bounds of the law to get you the result you hoped for when you initially retained me. Thank you for considering my firm for your legal concerns.

Lawyers OathA lifelong Grosse Pointe resident serving throughout Southeast Michigan, Laura McMahon Lynch has dedicated her career to providing peace of mind to each client, as though they were her own family. She also believes in giving back to the larger community, acting as a court-approved, General Civil Facilitative Mediator, facilitating cases on a sliding fee-scale.

It’s this above-and-beyond mentality that has continued to fuel Laura’s success throughout the years. And it’s exactly what you and your case will benefit from when you retain her services.

The Lawyer's Oath

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