COVID-19 Update: How We Are Serving and Protecting Our Clients


We continue to offer our legal assistance to the Greater Detroit community during these challenging times. Feel free to call Laura McMahon Lynch, PLC 313-885-6697 for any of your Mediation, real estate, probate, or estate planning needs. The Law Firm is operational despite the Quarantine, and we are responding to the legal needs of local First Responders by providing simple estate planning services at no charge. Ms. Lynch was recently named as one of only twenty Court Recommended case evaluators and mediators for the 3rd Circuit Court during the pandemic.

Is your office open during the COVID#19 QUARANTINE?

Yes we are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. however, we are not personally seeing clients in the office. Appointments are held by telephone, conference call, via Google Hangouts or via Zoom on-line meetings. We can process your cases in Wayne County Probate and Circuit Courts, Macomb County Probate and Circuit Courts and Oakland County Probate and Circuit Courts despite the Quarantine. Some Judges are also having virtual hearings on Zoom.

Are the Courts open during the COVID#19 QUARANTINE?

The Wayne County Probate Court is physically closed until at least April 30, 2020 for in-person appearances. However, Wayne County Probate Court is accepting digital filings by attorneys. If you need to commence a Probate Estate for a loved one or friend who died in Wayne County, Michigan, we can make that happen during the Court’s closure. Please contact us to schedule a virtual meeting or conference call with attorney, Laura McMahon Lynch.

The Wayne County Circuit Court is physically closed until at least April 30, 2020 for in-person appearances. However, digital filings continue to be permitted by attorneys at the Wayne County Circuit Court. If you have a Wayne County civil dispute involving more than $25,000.00 or an equitable claim such as a real estate dispute, lien foreclosure, or quiet title matter, we can file your case and assist you in pursing your rights and protecting your assets during the pandemic, even though the Court is not physically open to the public.

Can I buy real estate during the COVID#19 QUARANTINE?

Yes you can. Ms. Lynch handles all aspects of “For sale by Owner sales” and Realtor listed sales. Real estate home purchases can be handled via digital documents and there are title companies and mortgage companies that will handle the execution of closing documents virtually. Feel free to contact Ms. Lynch to explain the digital processes in place to move real estate sales during the Quarantine.

Can I make an Estate Plan during the COVID#19 QUARANTINE?

YES. Estate Planning such as Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Patient Advocate Appointments can continue to be completed while you stay at home. There is a new Executive Order which permits remote notarization of documents. Please call if you are interested in exploring your estate planning options. We can help you understand your rights and the variety of paths that you could choose to assure that your heirs and beneficiaries receive what you want them to have, after you pass on.


Ms. Lynch is participating in a pro bono simple estate planning service for First Responders who want to make a traditional estate plan. The service provides First Responders with a Simple Will, Financial Power of Attorney and/or Healthcare Power of Attorney, free of charge, as a courtesy for their brave and faithful commitment to our community! Please pass this information along to any First Responder that you know.