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Experience Matters.

Whether it’s drafting a will, handling a breach of contract or establishing a trust, Laura feels that every client deserves to be represented by an experienced lawyer with a history of favorable outcomes. Having practiced for over 25 years in Real Estate Litigation and Family Law, her experience and determination has paid off for countless clients throughout Southeast Michigan. Contact her today – she looks forward to discussing with you the details of your case and the options you might have.

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Facilitative Mediation Services

Ms. Lynch is certified as a General Civil Mediator in Michigan and is registered with most local courts. She offers facilitation in Probate, District and Circuit Court litigation matters on a sliding fee scale with minimum flat fees for indigent litigants and modest hourly rates for others.

Family Law

We provide counsel in family law issues ranging from deciding how to handle your separate assets before you marry, to counseling you as you prepare to file for divorce or separate maintenance proceedings. The firm can handle prenuptial agreements, issues arising from divorce and separate maintenance actions including: permanent and temporary spousal support (alimony), payment of expenses during divorce, injunctions and restraining orders, child support and parenting time disputes, child custody disputes, the division of property, post-judgment enforcement and modifications. We will guide you through the process to allow you to move on with your life and to retain your assets for your family (in contrast to funding unnecessarily contentious litigation). If you were served with divorce papers, we can help you identify your interests and proceed through negotiation and settlement or trial to protect your rights.


A Family Law Judge has jurisdiction to authorize an adoption. Ms. Lynch has handled private adoptions between both relatives and non-relatives and is always pleased to assist clients in this happy venture.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is essential for every adult, whether married or single, and particularly for those persons in second marriages, same sex marriages, and domestic partnerships.

Estate Planning concerns the efficient transfer of assets to an heir or beneficiary when the owner (grantor) of that property dies. When there are no living owners of an asset, the Probate Court is required to intervene in order to effectuate a transfer of legal title to the decedent’s heirs or beneficiaries. Trusts are statutorily authorized vehicles which, like corporations, can hold title to property. When properly drafted, Trusts allow transfers of the decedent’s real and personal property without the assistance of the Probate Court. Under certain circumstances, Trusts can diminish or even delay taxation of the assets. These instruments also allow parents to plan for the care of minor children, disabled adult children, and dependent relatives. We can provide you with the following Estate Planning documents to minimize the likelihood and expense of a Probate of your estate, and to limit the time it takes to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries: Individual Trusts, Joint Trusts, Irrevocable Insurance Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions, Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions, (a.k.a. Advance Directives), Cottage Limited Liability Companies. Some of these instruments also allow your family to manage your assets without Court oversight if you become mentally or physically incapacitated during your lifetime.

It is particularly important for persons in domestic partnerships, same sex marriages, and in second marriages to have an effective estate plan in order to assure that their assets are distributed to their intended beneficiaries. We can explain the Michigan inheritance statutes to you so you understand how your property will be distributed upon your death should you fail to make your own estate plan. We will help you implement your estate planning goals as cost efficiently as possible.

Land Title Disputes and Real Estate

Ms. Lynch has significant experience in enforcement of recorded Land Title Documents, including domestic and foreign Mortgages, Deeds, Land Contracts, and Liens. She assists clients in many types of land title actions to protect their property rights, including construction lien claims, mortgage and deed reformation claims, equitable mortgage claims, mortgage priority disputes, quiet title claims, escrow claims, improper placement of lis pendens, actionable recordings of claims of interest, slander of title claims, attorneys’ liens, property tax foreclosure/collection claims, and subrogation claims.

Ms. Lynch also assists clients with transactional matters such as loans, real estate purchases and sales, licenses and leases.

Wills and Probate

Ms. Lynch handles Will contests and probate litigation. If you have recently lost a loved one, it is important to know your rights and the appropriate procedures to protect your interests in a decedent’s estate. If you have been assigned as an estate administrator or personal representative, it is important to understand your responsibilities to the estate and beneficiaries. We will help you manage the fiduciary responsibilities incident to Probate. We can be involved as much as you direct; you are in charge. If you prefer us to draft and file the required notices, collect assets, pay off debts, distribute property, seek tax counseling, and handle estate disputes we are happy to do so; we can be less involved in the handling of the estate as well. Be aware that prompt commencement of the Decedent’s Estate and admission of a Will to Probate Court will avoid any risk that property and records are lost or dissipated.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

Occasionally people become disabled and need help managing their finances or making medical decisions. When a person does not plan ahead for these possibilities by executing estate planning documents a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship may be necessary. Similarly, a parent’s unexpected death or illness as well as a child’s unanticipated inheritance may require the appointment of a Guardian or Conservator for a minor child. Ms. Lynch can facilitate Probate Court appointment of Guardians or Conservators. We can also help you complete any annual filings required by the Probate Court for these appointments


We have experience handling a wide range of condominium lawsuits, including Developer new construction escrow issues, disputes concerning ‘must-be-built’ improvements, as well as erroneous tax assessments, assessment lien defense, assessment lien placement and foreclosure, and construction lien foreclosure of either Developer’s interests or Unit owner’s interests.

Drivers License Issues

Losing your ability to drive can be a life-altering impediment that may prevent you from making a living, caring for your family, or managing your day-to-day affairs. We handle all drivers’ license matters, including: License Suspension, License Revocation, Moving Violations, Driver’s License Reinstatement, DWI/Impaired Driving Charges, Driving While Suspended, Minor Traffic Offenses.

Creditors Rights

Since its inception the firm has represented clients in the collection of unpaid accounts receivable and sums due based on written and verbal contractual agreements. When a client’s receivable is not secured, Ms. Lynch has recovered clients’ funds under legal and equitable theories of law including breach of contract, account stated, Builders Trust Fund Act, quatum meruit, fraud, breach of warranty of title and estoppel. Pleadings for a client’s claim are individually drafted and tailored for the specific facts and applicable legal principles appropriate to that case to assure the maximum recovery for the client. Every effort is made to secure Judgments for clients that are not dischargeable in Bankruptcy.

Immigration and Naturalization

Ms. Lynch completed a forty (40) hour course in Immigration and Naturalization. If you are a non-citizen who requires assistance with a change in status, deportation or who wishes to Naturalize, Ms. Lynch can guide you through the necessary paperwork and hearings. These services are available on a sliding fee scale.

Enforcement of Duties Owed by Public Officials (Mandamus)

On occasion a Public Official may refuse to perform a statutory duty although required to do so. Under certain circumstances the Michigan law permits a person injured by the official’s omission of statutory duty to Petition the Court for a Writ commanding the Public Official’s performance of his statutory duty; damages may be recoverable as well. Ms. Lynch has experience handling actions to obtain statutory compliance by both elected and appointed Public Officials such as County Sheriff, County Clerk, County Equalization Director, and City Assessor.